Design Dept.

Kurihalant quickly and flexibly implements information drawn from real experience into our design plans. Our advanced knowledge of real-life settings enables a reliable and efficient unified construction process.

By designing and constructing power plants in a unified process, we at Kurihalant are able to build reliably and efficiently. Our advanced knowledge of design and construction in real-life settings enables us to avoid hassles such as the need for on-site adjustments, shortening the project time from the first steps of design through to the end of construction. When it comes to customer requests, we respond flexibly and promptly.

Kurihalant has established design groups in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe, and engineering centers in Kure and Nagasaki. These groups of system engineers comprise an organization that can tackle diverse design work.

Power plant design

Environmental issues demand a response, and we are at the forefront of producing the high-efficiency power plants that will play an important part in that response.
Kurihalant constructs rational systems that unify design and construction from a perspective that is highly knowledgeable about real-life situations.

Overseas power plant design

In recent years Kurihalant has planned the electrical work and instrumentation for a wide variety of power plants, primarily those in rapidly-developing emerging nations.
We help construct power plants which, as a part of the society's infrastructure, provide a base for economic development and are expected to grow in demand world-wide.