Corporate Ideologyy

Management Ideology

It is necessary for industries to create new values and establish a genuine wealth while existing together within the global society. Represented by the characters 遊 (play) and 飛 (bound), our management ideology takes into account that ambition and enjoyment are vitals parts of a truly inspired engineering process, and that the success of a project launch can be mutually prosperous on business and human levels. Kurihalant's aim is the growth and advancement of human technology through our mission of contribution and service to society as a whole.

About our corporate motto

"Evolve from yesterday, advance into tomorrow. Kurihalant stays the course." Since our foundation, Kurihalant's mission has been to contribute to the richness of peoples' lives though our role as an invaluable provider of stable and safe energy systems. The spirit of our motto carries on the tradition that our founder Kurihara Eizo wrote out by hand.